REZVANI MOTORS unleashes the Beast.


We are so proud to have been an integral part of the launch of Beast by California based Automotive Group, RAD. Sabet helped create the name, brand strategy and identity of RAD and Beast. One of the most ambitious and electrifying projects we've come across in a long time.

What We Did

Brand Strategy + Brand Name Development + Brand Identity + Design Language


100 Million+ Installs, 1 Powerful Identity


Hundreds of millions of users and an incredibly simple and powerful app, Flipagram surprised everyone. Sabet had the honor of creating the identity for one of the most popular apps of the decade. Flipagram allows you to create short video stories using your photos set to music you love! The identity fuses the nostalgia of the past with the technology of today. 


What We Did

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity Development + Design Language 

"Having founded two very well known and successful internet brands, and, I had very high expectations when working on branding and logo design and branding of my latest project Flipagram with Sabet Brands.  I can tell you that for a fraction of the time of the Identity work for Bizrate or Shopzilla, Sabet Brand delivered an Identity that is every bit as eye-catching and iconic.  Thank you Sabet Brands.  I know we'll be working together for years to come."
Farhad Mohit, Founder and CEO - Cheerful, Inc.

A historical brand refreshed


THAYERS® has a legacy that outlives all the brands that we've worked with. The challenge was to keep that legacy and integrity of this beloved brand, while we re-created a new design language. 

What We Did

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity Refresh + Design Language + Industrial Design + Label Design and Packaging + Online Presence