Mojizu | Contemporary Character Design Community

Mojizu is a social design sharing site focused on Contemporary Character Design. Characters are a part of our lives everyday. The influence us when we are making daily decisions. They are friendly reminders to do things. They are the center of much of our entertainment. Characters are also used everyday to express our emotions via a multitude of messaging systems. Infact The word eMoji comes from our site; Mojizu!

Mojizu was launched in 2005 by Character Designer and Illustrator, Ali Sabet. Ali partnered up with a technology company to create the first and only social network for the sharing of amazing characters by some of the mores incredible designers in the world. 

Mojizu became immensely popular, boasting more than 50,000 talented designers that called the site home! These wonderful artists shared over 27,000 Moji's (Contemporary Characters) with the community. 

Viewers could look at these amazing characters, rate them and leave encouraging comments for the delightful creatures and their creators.

Due to unforeseen complications Mojizu was taken down in 2011 with very little hope for it's return. But as they say, miracles do happen! Earlier this year Ali Sabet was able to recover the rights to the site, given back to him by his gracious partners. That day the sun shined a bit brighter and the birds sang a little louder for him! It's with this wonderful happening that Moijzu is returning to the world. Contemporary Characters and their wonderful talented creators will have a home again! We can't wait to open this space for the world to be inspired by these colorful, wacky, fun and sometimes plane odd creatures we call Mojis! 

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